Handmade Art Craft

Main topicsStress management, Youth Skills Building and advocacy on HIV/SRHR
How much time do you need?80 minutes
How many people do you need?15 participants
Material required
  • 1000 beads
  • 5 Nylon fishing twine (assorted colours) 210D/18 ply
  • 4 Match stick boxes /5 candles
  • 5 Pairs of scissors


Preparation Stage

Checking if all the required materials are available and make sure everyone is seating close to a chair: it will be of use during the process of making the hand bracelets. 

The workshop

The facilitator starts by explaining the process that will take place,giving each participant a pair of scissors and twine so as to know the sizes. Then participants will be allocated in 5 groups, giving everyone a name that will be used for their art. The facilitator will demonstrate each step afterwards, waiting for the participants to follow her/his instructions, and making sure that there are no questions related to the process left unanswered. At the end everyone will have to show the bracelets made and evaluate thecreation process.

Learning Outcomes

The aim is to create an environment for youth to be able to express themselves, hence improving peoplephysical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Since the workshop enable participants to communicate through names and words, on the bracelets, this can be used as a way to raise awareness among youth of important issues such as HIV/SRHR.