The thread of our thoughts

Main topics

Making links/intercultural connections

How much time do you need?

80 minutes

How many people do you need?

15 participants

Material required

5 reels of thread (ideally white/black/red/yellow), 4 reel of wood, 2 reels of cord (big and fine one), raffia, electric link or plastic wire, 15 scissors, 3 cutting pliers, 10 glues, 20 coloured sheets of paper of any colour (A4), 20 sheets of normal paper (white one), 20 markers, paper board.



Preparation Stage

The preparation stage in this workshop is important to understand how to manage the time in the space selected for the activities. People should have the possibility to work in comfortable spaces and be free to collect any other additional materials around them. It is also important for the facilitator to prepare a short presentation about Art Therapy using the background provided in the beginning of this toolkit and report.

The workshop

The facilitator starts introducing the concept of Art Therapy to the audience, focusing particularly on the institutional point of view, history, practices, etc. The facilitator can stimulate a short group discussion about what a workshop on art therapy is and why it is being implemented. 

Learning Outcomes

This workshop will provide participants the tools to create their own link within the group. The main idea is for them to visualise the meaning of the word “link”, i.e. the main objective of art therapy: creating or redoing the link,as well as not losing the link already existing which allow you to bind yourself to another person and connect to your own emotions. Without the link and connections, nothing can be overcome in a sustainable way.