ARTCOM project is based on sequential steps, a learning pathway who will end at the end of 2019 with the publication of our journey and the presentation of the results achieved in these two years.

We work in the field of art therapy and non-formal education to develop tools and approaches using mobilities activities to enrich our research and work in our local communities.

Meet & Share

Every project needs a Kick-off meeting to start in the good way!

The first step of this journey begins in February 2018 when we first met together in Palermo, Italy, getting to know each other and talk about our expectations and concerns for the future steps of the project.

This great opportunity allows us to SHARE our points of view, our realities and our experiences about our organizations, our local communities and the vision of art therapy in our countries. Talking to each other we found several inspirations and common points to develop and use in our daily life actions and in the future step.

Learn and Create

One of the main results of ARTCOM project is to create innovative tools based on innovative approaches on art therapy. The best opportunity to learn new methodologies, share experiences and create something new was the International Training Course on Art therapy took place in Marina di Cinisi (Italy) in July 2018. 36 youth workers from six different countries representing different culture, local communities and visions regarding art therapy in 8-days of training to explore the power of sharing best practices. A learning process closed in a public representation, Odoipóros performance, in the seaside town of Terrasini on July 12th 2018 where participants presented to the local community the knowledge and competences developed during the training course.

Observe, Experience, Act

ARTCOM focus its attention on the daily work of youth workers in the local communities as well as valorise the importance of sharing best practices among different realities. In this process, young people have a key role implementing volunteering activities in different communities in Europe and Africa thanks to a round of 5-months EVS (European Voluntary Service).

During this period, young people acquires new knowledge and transversal competences useful for their future. At the end of their volunteering period, they organize together with the local organization a Public Local Art Event in June 2019 to present the impact of the ARTCOM project and the art-works created in collaboration with these disadvantage background.

Present and Share

After 24-months of activities, researching and collecting best practices on art therapy and non-formal education, ARTCOM project closes and summarizes all results achieved in a Final Conference in Malawi, when partner’s organization share the art-works made during activities and workshops on art therapy created by EVS volunteers.

Contact us

CESIE (coordinator) – Italy

Contact person: Silvia Fazio