ARTCOM project is based on sequential steps, a learning pathway who will end at the end of 2019 with the publication of our journey and the presentation of the results achieved in these two years.

We work in the field of art therapy and non-formal education to develop tools and approaches using mobilities activities to enrich our research and work in our local communities.

Risorse didattiche aperte sull’arteterapia

La presente raccolta di risorse educative aperte riassume il senso dell’esperienza del progetto ARTCOM che ha visto la partecipazione di sei Paesi africani ed europei (Italia, Francia, Grecia, Kenya, Malawi e Zambia) con l’obiettivo di creare degli strumenti innovativi che consentissero agli animatori e alle animatrici socio-educativi/e di sostenere l’inclusione sociale dei giovani svantaggiati dei due continenti.

Report & Toolkit

After the 8-days of training on art therapy in Sicily in July 2018, a Public Report collected all methodologies and activities implemented together with all 36 youth workers from Zambia, Kenya, Greece, Italy, France, Malawi. This publication includes a toolkit to replicate the activities in the local communities and allow ARTCOM EVS volunteers and youth workers of the partner’s countries involved to re-create training and short workshop to active involve young people with disadvantage backgrounds.

Learning Experiences

A collection of learning experience from the mobilities of youth workers and the EVS experiences of the volunteers in Italy, Zambia, France, Malawi, Greece and Kenya. This document allows young people to find out more about the power of art therapy and the possibilities of having a volunteering experience in different local realities to empower themselves and improve their personal and professional knowledges.

Manual on Art Therapy

This manual concludes the journey of ARTCOM project collecting the different visions of art therapy in Italy, France Greece, Zambia, Kenya, Malawi and including sections on suggestions for new activities in the field of non-formal education using the knowledge acquired by the partnership in two-years project development, the artwork created by all young people with disadvantaged background from Europe and Africa involved in the activities and the experience of Public Local Art Event in all partner’s countries. The launch of the final production is in October 2019 in Malawi during the Final Conference on Art Therapy of the ARTCOM project!

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Contact person: Silvia Fazio