Learning by Doing

Main topics


How much time do you need?

120 minutes

How many people do you need?

15 people

Material required

Flipchart 15 pieces, ten pencils: H to 9H, B to 12B, charko pencil, H or F, Easel, rubbers, sharper 1m ruler, 30cm ruler, tape measure, art brushes from size 1 to size 15, 3-inch brush and 4-inch, small hummer, 1kg or 500g of half inch nails, wood glue 500g to 1liter, 1 to 10m of canvas, stretchers from 40 x 50cm to any sizes.

Paint: acrylic all primary colours and basic colours, oil point all primary colours and basic, work suit size 32 or medium.


Preparation Stage

A frame is prepared by the facilitator following this process

  1. Preparing the canvasses on the frame
  2. Painting the background with glue and white paint 

The workshop

As the frame has been created beforehand, participants take their own canvas. The facilitator starts giving the instructions and together with the participants draws explaining step by step the choices made and the importance of letting yourself free during the process. In this process it is important to give clear instructions on how to paint and draw specific elements. 

Learning Outcomes

Following the demonstration, a learner or a participant should be able to paint a background, sketch and complete a painting. Even though they do not feel comfortable with a process, they will understand that everyone is able to paint and access one’s own inner-self through painting.