ARTCOM project born from a partnership composed by six organization from Italy, Kenya, Zambia, France, Malawi and Greece. We work in synergy to achieve our common aims and create new tools and approaches of art therapy and non-formal education based on the sharing of culture among our continents and our experiences in our local communities.

We are:


CESIE / Italy

CESIE is a European Centre for Studies and Initiatives based in Palermo, Sicily.

It is a non-profit, apolitical, and non-governmental organization with member organizations in more than eight European countries. It was founded in 2001 in Palermo, based on experiences of our inspirer: sociologist Danilo Dolci.

We work in promotion of community development through capacity building and empowerment of individuals with educational initiatives for various target groups with particular focus on vulnerable groups.

Contact person:

Silvia Fazio:


Inter Alia / Greece

Inter Alia is a civic organization and think-tank based in Athens, Greece. Its mission is to raise the capacity and awareness of European citizens on available channels for acting, participating & shaping Europe.

Our tools for action are:

  • Analysis – Publish original analyses that touch upon contemporary developments and aspects of Europe and communicate them in an understandable way;
  • Research – Publish original multidisciplinary research pieces & collections related to cultural, political, social & economic issues of Europe;
  • Debate – Promote interaction between experts, stakeholders, policy-makers and the public through workshops & seminars with the underlying aim to make our notion of Europe more popular & understandable;
  • Networking – Support and promote views & activities of organizations that share our vision for an active & assertive European demos.

Neema Community Based Organization / Kenya  

Together We Transform Lives

Neema CBO is a grass root, not-for-profit, Community Based Organization (CBO) operating in Mathare slum, Nairobi, Kenya. It was officially registered in February 2011. Our office is located at Mathare North where we are hosted by the church given that all Neema staff are volunteers. It works on the empowerment of the community both economically and knowledge wise to create a self-reliant society free of poverty and violence. It supports youth empowerment and education to improve the youth participation in the main stream of development.

Contact person:

Michael Ochieng Nyawino:

Phone: +254725368831

New Hope Waves / Zambia 

New Hope Waves is a non-profit based in Livingstone, Zambia working to empower children, young people and their wider families with skills, knowledge and opportunities.

It was founded and registered as a National NGO in 2015 to address social, economic, health and environment issues faced by the affected communities in Zambia.

We are working with vulnerable young people, children and their families through sport, non-formal education and skills development activities

Contact person:

Auldridge Chibbwalu:,

Pistes Solidaires / France

Pistes-Solidaires is an educational organisation that champions the knowledge, skills and attitudes that promote justice and equality in our multicultural society and interdependent world. Pistes-Solidaires works to enable individuals to better understand the links between their own lives and those of others across the world.

We see education as all-encompassing and life-long, and our work in the educational domain is based on UNESCO’s four pillars of learning: learning to know, learning to do, learning to be, and learning to live together.


Pistes-Solidaires is a European Non-Governmental Organisation that is very active at European level. The organisation comprises 3 departments:

  • Educational mobility: this department gives people the chance to experience learning mobility through European programmes (EVS, youth exchanges, training courses), as well as international voluntary civil service through the French civil service.
  • European cooperation: Pistes-Solidaires aims to increase the impact of EU cooperation at local level in the following spheres: education, social inclusion, socio-cultural fields
  • Local development: we aim to augment local knowledge of Europe and European values. We were awarded the ‘Europe Direct Information Centre’ label by the European Commission in 2013.

Pistes-Solidaires is based in Pau, in the southwest of France, and is also a part of a European-wide federation comprising 13 member organisations.

Contact person:


CEGI – Centre for Girls and Interaction / Malawi

Centre for Girls & Interaction (CEGI) is a non-profit making organization, primarily concerned with creating access to information on girls  and young women rights or related issues through interaction, advocacy, documentation, education, networking  for positive change. CEGI was established in 2010 and is based in northern part of Malawi.

CEGI mission is to improve the lives of adolescent, young women and youth in Malawi through increasing access to quality health care, information and a sustainable system of community development.

Contact person:

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CESIE (coordinator) – Italy

Contact person: Silvia Fazio